The symbols and depictions of the typical representative images vanish here. The perfect image with beautifully placed items does not exist, as usually expected to be seen. The images are naked, cleared from the symbols. The face is unclear, indistinguishable. It does not matter who it belongs to. The identity doesn't necessarily belong to a person whose birth place is this territory, who holds an identity with the definite flag, there is no idealization. The notions of shelter and belonging are no longer reviewed in a hermetic concept but they extend beyond the image and the collective to the level of the individual. Still, it reinforces the idea that in a collective level, society can be misguided by inclusive/exclusive imagery. Only a depiction of the flag is visible, since the individual is linked with it, regardless of the nationality, face and background. Challenging the common portrait photography and icon depiction, the images are imperfect and reveal a texture and detail of their own. A raw, exposed, but sincere perspective on the image of the republic, deliberately masking its symbols of justice and balance while questioning how we deal with personal freedom.